How do I set up an initial office appointment with the attorney?

Contact our office at (916) 791-2799 in order to set up a consultation with the attorney.

  • Office Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Fridays are by "appointment only" (If we are unavailable on Friday, please leave a message and we will return your call on Monday).
  • Appointment Hours - 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. With 4:30 p.m. being the latest appointment of the day. Note: morning appointments may be made depending on our court schedule.
  • In order to assess your needs within the area of the law as well as the Court's Jurisdiction, please be prepared to answer the following questions when you call to set up your initial consultation. The answers to the following questions will aide us in deciding whether or not we will be able to take your particular case:
    • Has any paperwork been filed yet on your matter?
    • Do you reside in Placer County?
    • What county and state does the opposing party reside in?
    • Does your case involve one of the following: dissolution, legal separation, paternity, child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support, marital property, or division of retirement accounts?
    • If you are involved in a Dissolution or legal separation, has a Judgment of Dissolution or Legal Separation been filed yet?
    • If you are involved in a Paternity matter, has a Judgment of Paternity been filed yet?
    • You will be required to provide the first and last name of the opposing party in order to allow for a "conflicts check" in our master data base prior to your coming in for the initial consultation.

Do I have to come in for an appointment or can I just talk to the Attorney by phone?

Attorney Martinez recognizes that your legal matters are of the highest concern and importance to you, as such, he feels it important that the meeting between the Client and himself take place "face to face", in order to minimize misunderstandings that can arise during less personal meetings.

Is there a charge for the Initial Consultation?

If you decide not to retain this Office, there will not be a charge for the initial consultation. If you do decide to retain the office then the cost of this initial consultation will be added into the overall cost of the case.

How much will you charge for my case?

Charges for any case will be discussed with the attorney during the initial consultation. The attorney will need to discuss your needs and the needs of the case before he can quote a "Retainer" amount for your case. Every case varies in cost depending on a variety of aspects of the case.

What is a Retainer?

A Retainer is the amount of money that the Office will ask to be paid prior to beginning work on your case. Once the Retainer agreement is signed and the retainer payment is made, this office will commence work on the case billing against the retainer fee paid.

Can I bring my kids in to my office appointments?

We ask that kids not be brought to your appointment for the following reasons:

  • We recognize that day-care can be a big challenge for our Clientele, however, given the importance of the appointment and the limited time available to both the Client and the attorney, we strongly recommend making arrangements for childcare.
  • Given that what is discussed is of a sensitive nature regarding the disputes and conversations between their Parent(s) Parties and the attorney(s), having minor children in the meeting would risk them hearing and repeating what was said to the opposing attorney or opposing party. We strongly suggest that the minor children not be involved in the ongoing dispute between their Parents.
  • Our Office staff is dedicated to attending to all the legal needs of our Clients and will be unable to supervise your children while you are meeting with your attorney.

How much time should I set aside for the initial consultation?

At the initial consultation we have a two page questionnaire that must be completed. The calendar clerks sets aside a half hour for both the processing and the meeting with the Attorney. This should be considered the minimum amount of time for the appointment. The Attorney may take more time depending upon the Client's needs and issues involved in the matter. Please keep in mind the personal attention the Attorney tries to afford to each Client, should any of the appointment times run over a bit.

Do I need to bring any paperwork to the first appointment?

No paperwork is necessary at this first appointment, however, if you have easy access to any paperwork last served on behalf of or upon yourself or the last/most current court order regarding custody, support or assets and debts, then please do bring them along with the Opposing Attorney's contact information.