Protecting Your Property Interests During Divorce

Property division laws in California are unique in the nation. By state law, all property and debt accumulated over the course of the marriage undergoes a valuation and classification process and is subject to equitable division as community property.

For many divorcing spouses, property division can be a bigger concern than custody, child support and spousal support. Property division speaks directly to the heart of each spouse's financial interests and security after the divorce. If you are considering filing for divorce in Placer County, call The Law Offices of George A. Martinez in Roseville at 866-936-5194 to arrange a consultation.

Our experience includes every aspect of equitable distribution under California's community property laws, including:

  • Title transfer of the family residence
  • Valuation and classification of vacation property
  • Commercial real estate valuation
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Deferred compensation and future bonus payments
  • Overseas accounts and foreign investments
  • 401(k), IRAs, pensions and qualified retirement savings
  • Business ownership
  • Valuation of professional licenses
  • Community debt vs. personal debt
  • Commingled assets
  • Inheritance and retention of individual property
  • Spousal support

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When you become our client, you will receive a binder of information providing you with tips about getting the most out of working with your lawyer and your beginning forms. Your monthly billing statement will include a summary of every conversation, what issues we addressed in court and any other tasks completed by our office on your behalf and/or expected.

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