Establish Paternity to Gain Important Rights

Children are entitled to financial support from both parents, and parents have the right to time with their children. However, when children are born outside of marriage establishing paternity is the first step to securing these rights.

For more than 35 years, parents in Placer County and throughout California have turned to The Law Offices of George A. Martinez for help establishing paternity and gaining these important rights.

How Is Paternity Established in California?

There are two ways to establish paternity in California. The first is through a voluntary declaration of paternity — a document signed by both parents acknowledging the child's legal father. The second is through a paternity action in court. The court can order DNA testing to determine whether a man is the father of the child in question.

Attorney George Martinez will assist you throughout the process, filing all necessary legal documents and representing your interests at hearings. More importantly, he will explain the process to you. Your questions will be answered, and you will have a legal advocate along the way.

After paternity has been established, our firm can assist you with other child-related legal matters such as:

You May Also Contest Paternity

Our firm also represents fathers and mothers who wish to contest parentage for a variety of reasons.

For example: The court assumes a married woman's husband is the father of her child, but in certain circumstances — such as when spouses are separated or divorce is pending — this is not always the case. The mother, husband or biological father may wish to contest this presumption.

If paternity is not successfully contested, the wrong man may be required to pay child support and the biological father will not have the right to seek custody or visitation.

Learn Your Rights, Get Help With the Process

No matter what your goal: establishing or contesting paternity, we can help. As your lawyer, George Martinez is 100 percent committed to your interests. We will advise you of your rights, explain your legal options and guide you through the process as efficiently as possible.

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