We Can Help You Stop Domestic Violence

During divorce and other family law disputes, emotions can take over and arguments can become violent. Abuse is never OK. There are options to protect yourself and your children against spousal and child abuse.

At The Law Offices of George A. Martinez, we help individuals in Placer County obtain the restraining orders they need to stop domestic abuse.

Get Protection Against Abuse

Domestic violence is defined as physical abuse, stalking, threats, harassment or destruction of personal property that occurs between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, the parent of your child, or someone you share a residence with.

A restraining order, or protective order, can provide some safety against violence. Restraining orders prevent your abuser from having any contact with you. If you share a residence, he or she must move out. He/she cannot call you, text you, email you or come near you. If your abuser breaks these rules, he/she can be arrested and held in contempt of court.

In California, there are three types of domestic violence orders:

  1. Emergency protective order — If you are in immediate danger, a judge can issue an emergency order that requires your aggressor to stay away from you, giving you time to pursue more permanent protection.
  2. Temporary restraining order — You must go to court and request this order. It can be granted without the other party present. These orders typically last a couple of weeks or months.
  3. Final domestic violence restraining — This is a more permanent protection option lasting up to five years. It requires a hearing where you will face your abuser, evidence will be presented to the court, witnesses may testify and you may be cross-examined.

Facing your abuser in court can be emotionally and physically intimidating. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will not only give you legal strength, it also helps ease the fear.

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Attorney George Martinez understands the emotional and legal factors involved in domestic violence cases. He is committed to helping you stop the cycle of abuse.

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