Get Child Support Obligations That are Fair

In California, child support is determined by the court through a series of legal calculations involving matters such as parenting percentages and incomes. The calculation can seem overwhelming, especially because so much is often at stake.

At The Law Offices of George A. Martinez, we know how intimidating the legal process can be. That is why we have dedicated our law practice to guiding California families to the best possible solutions. Our exclusive focus on California family law has helped us develop the knowledge, experience and skill to achieve favorable results in matters of child custody and visitation rights and related child support issues.

We also represent clients in enforcement or modification of existing child support orders.

How are Child Support Orders Determined?

Child support is almost always an issue in California divorces and paternity proceedings. In these cases, Court Commissioners or Family Law Judges have the final authority to determine the amount paid. This determination often follows the California Child Support Guidelines and may take into account other factors that affect the amount of child support awarded.

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To understand how much child support you may pay or receive, it is best to talk with a lawyer about your situation. At our law office, we can help you anticipate how much you may pay or receive, advocating to help protect your interests and your child's. Contact our offices today to discuss your case in detail.