Your Right to Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody issues in a divorce often become contentious when the parents don't understand the legal guidelines. Too often, gaining physical or legal custody is misinterpreted as gaining some kind of advantage, either over the amount of visitation rights granted to the non-custodial parent or over the support amount obtained. In truth, the courts expect the non-custodial parent to have an appropriate amount of parenting time depending on the best interests of the child(ren).

The Law Offices of George A. Martinez has been protecting the rights and parenting interests of clients for over 35 years, throughout California in Placer County and Sacramento County family law courts.

How the Child Custody Process Works

The courts do everything possible to avoid a drawn-out custody battle. You will be expected to sit down with the other parent and seek a fair custody and parenting time arrangement like two adults. Unless there is evidence that the child will not be safe in the presence of one of the parents, California judges will almost always lean in favor of joint legal custody. That may equate to substantial physical custody to the primary care giver, but it does NOT necessarily mean the non-custodial parent will not receive some shared parenting time. If parents can't arrive at an agreement in the child's best interests, a mediator will suggest an approach that judges will look into.

Remember, nobody gets everything they request when it comes to child custody. As your attorney, George A. Martinez will work hard to ensure that your child's interests are protected throughout the process. We focus on maintaining the strongest possible bond between a child and both parents, and our firm has the experience to help you get the settlement that will be best for your child and therefore you.

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George A Martinez is a person of strong morals. The integrity of the family is important to our law office, so we focus on the best interests of the child(ren) weighed in balance with the needs of the parents.

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