A Letter from Attorney George A. Martinez

George A Martinez Welcome,

If you are looking for a good California family law attorney, it means that you are probably facing a challenging time in your life. Thank you for considering The Law Offices of George A. Martinez in Roseville, California. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I am so proud of our law office.

When you call us on the phone or visit our office, you will be greeted by courteous, hardworking, caring professionals who are empathetic to your legal troubles. We know you need experienced, skilled legal advice and representation. But you also need to understand the legal process and how your decisions will affect your final outcome, including your bill. Unlike the vague billing practices of other attorneys, our clients receive detailed monthly statements. It is our goal to respond to all questions posed by our clients in a timely fashion. We promise to be as efficient as possible by being as responsive and organized as possible. For you, that often means a better outcome at a lower total fee.

Now a little about me. I start each day by addressing a simple question: How can I positively affect people's lives today? It is not only part of my approach to practicing law; it is an important part of my faith. I sincerely try to impart that sense of compassion and empathy on every individual I advise and represent. As a proud former U.S. Marine Corps officer, I consider self-responsibility one of the key components of a successful life as well. I hope to assist my clients in taking control of their own lives and futures by the conclusion of our partnership. After all, the legal process of your divorce or child custody matter will end with a judge's decision or your informed settlement. How you come out of the litigation or settlement years after the gavel falls will largely depend on your satisfaction with the final outcome. I promise to work diligently and intelligently to make sure you get the best possible outcome you are legally and factually entitled to.

I bring more than 35 years of California family law experience to your case. Having also earned an MBA while serving in the Marine Corps, I can meet my clients' needs in terms of organizational skills and efficiency. My business skills allow me to run things smoothly and effectively. Clients often say they feel as if their case is the only one on my desk. When you call, I will know what is going on or can immediately find out. It is my goal to answer your questions honestly and in clear language.

My practice is entirely focused on the area of California family law. I know that divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support and child support issues can be emotional and frustrating. I strive to stabilize our clients' positions both financially and emotionally. That requires a partnership between us that is built on integrity, trust and communication. You will have expectations of me, and I will have expectations of you. That's what a successful partnership is all about. Anything less is a disservice to both of us.

Learn more about my professional experience at my attorney profile page.

From our offices in Roseville, I represent clients in communities throughout central California in Pacer County and Sacramento County. My office hours are generally 9 - 5, Monday through Thursday and on Fridays by special arrangement. I also know that money is always an issue. My staff and I do everything we can to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

Contact our Placer County family law office to arrange a consultation with a lawyer about your family law needs. Let's start working toward the brighter future you are searching for and deserve.


George A. Martinez