We Will Guide You Through the Divorce Process

If you live in Placer County and are considering filing for divorce or are facing other serious family law matters, start by calling The Law Offices of George A. Martinez with your questions. Divorce is often more frustrating and emotional than people realize. The right attorney will keep the process on track and help you understand how your decisions today will affect your family tomorrow.

At The Law Offices of George A. Martinez, we know how intimidating the legal process can be. Our practice focuses exclusively in the area of California family law. Our knowledge, experience and skill in this complex area have helped us achieve favorable results for our clients.

When you walk into our offices, we do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and at ease.

We offer:

  • An atmosphere that is safe, supportive and encouraging
  • Assistance in moving from a marital relationship to separate households in a manner that seeks to maximize your available assets while minimizing your debt obligations
  • Affirmation that your best interests lie in an equitable division of community assets and a co-parenting schedule, when it is safe for the minor child or children
  • Encouragement for you to shift your perspective to one of hope and a new beginning

Our specific areas of practice:

Taking the Confusion Out of Working With a Lawyer

Let us help you take the confusion and frustration out of working with an attorney. You get experienced, knowledgeable advice and representation at a fee structure we are confident you will find reasonable.

When you become our client, you will receive a binder of information providing you with tips about getting the most out of working with your lawyer and your beginning forms. Your monthly billing statement will include a summary of every conversation, what issues we addressed in court and any other tasks completed by our office on your behalf.

Whatever your California family law issue might be, attorney George A. Martinez and our staff of legal professionals are ready to help. We have built our reputation on our organization, integrity, responsiveness and focus on getting our clients the outcome they are legally and factually entitled to.

From our offices in Roseville, we represent residents of central California communities in Placer County. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Contact our offices to arrange a consultation to discuss your family law concern today.